Petition 122600 to the German Bundestag:
Healthcare, Scientific Research and Political Support for ME/CFS Sufferers!

Our Petition at a Glance

We need as many signatures as possible for SIGNforMECFS to make the German Bundestag aware of the desperate situation of the many ME/CFS sufferers!

Germany has ignored ME/CFS for decades

In Germany, there is virtually no medical care for ME/CFS patients and to date there is no government funding for biomedical scientific research into this devastating disease.

Further information

Our goal: A public hearing in the German Bundestag

With 50,000 signatories before the end of the deadline, we will even be granted a public hearing in the German Bundestag. This would be our best chance to finally draw attention to the issue of ME/CFS in German federal politics.

More Opportunities

For this we need your support!

To collect the required number of signatures, we need your help. Please spread the word about our ME/CFS petition! And be aware of this: Almost all people worldwide are allowed to sign our petition!

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We are a group of ME/CFS sufferers and are working together in organising the petition 122600 to the German Bundestag.

Sonja Kohl

Daniel Loy

Claudia Schreiner

Kevin Thonhofer