How to Sign

You can sign our petition electronically via the internet as well as by ordinary mail or fax.

How to sign via the internet

It is possible to sign our petition via the internet on the official petitions portal of the German Bundestag. This website can be reached via the following link.

Especially if you have already registered for the petition portal of German Bundestag before, our petition can be found there most easily via this direct link:

Tip: Some browsers include a translation function (e.g. Chrome or Edge). If available, use this feature to simplify the use of this German-language website!

While by German law our petition may be signed by almost everyone worldwide, the petitions portal of the German Bundestag creates a de facto obstacle: there is no English-language version of this website. Please do not let this deter you! In order to enable all our non-German speaking supporters to sign via this portal, we have prepared very detailed instructions. Also consider using the translation feature of your browser, if available. Our explanatory site can be found here:

How to sign via ordinary mail or telefax

Our petition can also be signed by ordinary mail or by fax. In this case, we recommend the use of our signature lists (see below).

Once you have completed your collection of signatures using our lists, the originals must be sent to the Petitions Committee of the Bundestag (it is sufficient to send the lists, i.e. the text of our petition contained in the pdf document does not need to be attached). Please note: The lists must be received by the German Bundestag before the end of the signing period on November 9th 2021. Therefore, we ask you to allow for a sufficient time margin for postal delivery!

And please do not forget: Sending in the signature lists as a copy or as a scanned document by e-mail is unfortunately not sufficient!

If you choose ordinary mail, please send the lists to the following postal address:

Deutscher Bundestag
Sekretariat des Petitionsausschusses
Platz der Republik 1
11011 Berlin

If you choose telefax, the transmission can be made until the end of the signing period via this number:

0049 30 / 227-36053

One small request: If you send in one or more lists by ordinary mail or telefax, we would be very pleased to receive a short message about the number of signatures sent in by e-mail to However, this is of course absolutely voluntary and in particular not a prerequisite for the validity of signing our petition. All data sent in will be treated confidentially, used only for the purpose of providing us with a statistical overview of our petition’s current status and will be deleted no later than six months after sending. Please also note our privacy policy.


Signature List (english version)
Our Petition (handout, english version)

Who is eligible to sign the petition?

An important question is, of course, who may actually participate in our petition by German law. The good news in one sentence: Almost all people worldwide are eligible to sign the petition!

In particular, German citizenship or residence in Germany is not a prerequisite for signing our petition. This means that ME/CFS sufferers and their supporters from all over the world can help us persuading German federal politics to make a greater contribution in the field of ME/CFS in the future.

Furthermore, no legal age is required for signing the petition. This means that minors can also support the petition, as long as they are able to understand the content and meaning of our demands.

However, it goes without saying that the petition can only be signed once by each person, i.e. either online or by ordinary mail/telefax.