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We are in urgent need of your help in order to make our petition a success and in particular to reach the quorum of 50,000 signatures! In addition to signing our petition, we therefore also ask for your support in spreading the word about our project. The following points are intended as suggestions in doing so.

Dissemination via Social Media

A first possible way to support our petition is, of course, to spread the word about the campaign and this website via social media postings. If you don’t want to write your own post, you can use our tweets or posts:

SIGNforMECFS on Facebook:

More Links to social media postings will be added very soon.

Direct Messages to Contacts via Mail or Social Media

Another way to spread the word about our ME/CFS petition is to send personal messages to your own contacts. Again, if you don’t want to compose your own text, please feel free to use this template.

Dear Friend

Currently there is no scientific research, no medical care and no other help for the approximately 250,000 people in Germany who suffer from ME/CFS. A group of affected persons has therefore started a petition addressed to the German Bundestag, the federal parliament. This petition is now open for subscription and people from all over the world are allowed to sign. If 50,000 supporting signatures can be collected by November 9th 2021, the Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag will even grant a public hearing. This would be a unique opportunity to draw the attention of the members of parliament to the desperate situation of those affected and thus finally bring about political action on ME/CFS in Germany. But even if the quorum is not reached, every single vote contributes to making our important causes heard. This whole effort could result in positive effects far beyond German borders.

Therefore, I kindly ask you to support this petition (ID 122600) as well and perhaps also draw other people’s attention to this possibility and ask for their support. Signing is possible until November 9th 2021 both online and via signature lists.

You can find more information about the petition and about how to sign and support it on this campaign website:


Signature Lists

Finally, we would like to draw your attention once again to our signature lists. They are particularly useful for people for whom online signatures are not an option, e.g. for technical reasons.

Of course, we would be particularly pleased if signature lists could be made available for signing in suitable places. Please do not forget: The original signature lists must be received by the Petitions Committee before the end of the deadline.

Continue reading for more detailed information on how to sign up by using our signatures list and sending them via ordinary mail.
Find our downloads section here.