January 17th, 2022

Save the date: On Monday, February 14, 2022, a one-hour committee hearing on our petition is scheduled in the German Bundestag, probably at 1:00 pm (CET). There will be a live webcast of the event. We will inform you about the further details in the coming weeks.

Furthermore, we have a new count status: According to this, a total of 95,792 people have supported our #SIGNforMECFS petition with their signatures. Once again, many thanks to all who made this great result possible!

November 16th, 2021

Today, a preliminary overall result of our petition was published on the website of German Bundestag. According to this, the Petitions Committee Secretariat received an additional 35,267 signatures collected on paper during the signing period (as of 16 November 2021). Thus, within only 28 days, a total of at least 93,033 people have decided to support the matters of our petition. This makes our petition 122600 in the field of „disease control“ the most successful petition ever submitted via the petition portal of German Bundestag.

We have compiled further information in a press release.

November 9th, 2021

Today at 11:59 pm the deadline for signing our petition to the German Bundestag ended. This means that there is also a first final result: 57,766 online signatures for #SIGNforMECFS! This is a tremendous number, our heartfelt thanks go to all supporters!

In order to determine the total number of signatures on our petition, the signatures received by fax or ordinary mail must now be counted in Berlin. As soon as we have this number, we will of course inform you about it here and via our social media channels.

By the way, should anyone notice in the next few days that a list of signatures has not yet been sent in by mistake, or should anyone absolutely still want to sign, it is still possible to send signatures to the established postal address / fax number. These signatures will no longer be taken into account for the official overall result, but will continue to be recorded independently.

November 7th, 2021

This morning, #SIGNforMECFS reached the round mark of 45,000 online signatures via the petition portal of German Bundestag. Our petition is in a spectacular final run and is close to reaching the quorum – even without taking into account the signatures collected on paper and not yet counted.

And at 4:58 pm today, the moment had finally come: #SIGNforMECFS reached the quorum of 50,000 signatures! The signatures collected on paper and sent to the Bundestag are not yet included. The petition can still be signed until 9 November at 11:59 pm.

We are delighted and enthusiastic and would like to thank all those who have signed and/or supported us in other ways and continue to do so! We will keep you informed about the next events and steps here and via our social media channels.

November 4th, 2021

This morning, #SIGNforMECFS reached another round mark: 30,000 online signatures via the petition portal of German Bundestag. We would like to sincerely thank all those who have signed and / or supported us in other ways!

Today, „Mitteldeutsche Zeitung“ reports in its print edition and online about Volker Nagel and his son Lennart, who suffers from ME/CFS. The father is now campaigning for our petition to help his son.

Three years ago, Volker Nagel from Wittenberg met a pilgrim from Brazil on the Way of St. James who was evidently very helpful. […] Now the fellow hiker from the past has once again proven himself to be someone you can count on. When Nagel drew his attention to a petition addressed to the German Bundestag, which is of great concern to him, the man in South America signed online.

„Aus dem Leben gerissen“, Corinna Nitz, Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, 05. November 2021

„Radio RST“ from Steinfurt broadcast an interview with Ingrid from Münster, who suffers from ME/CFS. The talk revolves in particular around our petition to the German Bundestag.

„Faszination Fankurve“ today reports on a call by „Gruppa Süd“, a fan club of Hertha BSC Berlin, to sign #SIGNforMECFS. Many thanks for this support!

It is crucial that politics finally takes a serious look at the issue of ME/CFS. To this end, a petition has been started that wants to bring the subject directly to the Bundestag. It is time for all supporters to join forces and give their all in a united effort to make this plan work.

Call by „Gruppa Süd“, November 2021 (Link)

Furthermore, Erich Irlstorfer (CSU), Member of the Bundestag, today addressed the public via social media with a video as well as a text contribution and asks for the co-signing of our petition. He explicitly supports all our demands to the German Bundestag. Thank you very much!

We need biomedical research into this disease and we finally need help for those affected, but also for the relatives, so that they are supported. It is necessary to raise this to a new level and it is also necessary that money is made available for this purpose. Firstly, there is an opportunity to do so in the coalition agreement and I hope that the new coalition will actually take this into account. In addition, this petition demands that there should be a special representative or an inter-factional working group. I also support this and I hope that we are moving in a direction that will be beneficial for the people who have been waiting for help for so long.

Erich Irlstorfer, MP, in his video message, Nov. 4th, 2021

November 3rd, 2021

The „Berliner Zeitung“ today published an article about our #SIGNforMECFS petition to the German Bundestag.

The aim of the petition is a hearing in a public committee session – similar to the one that took place before the European Parliament in 2019. At that time, the Dutch Evelien Van Den Brink, herself seriously ill, gave an impressive speech before the Petitions Committee.

„Schwer Kranke fordern Hilfe: Petition zu ME/CFS an den Bundestag“, Torsten Harmsen, Berliner Zeitung, Nov. 3rd, 2021 (Link)

The „Tagesspiegel“ today also reports on ME/CFS and on #SIGNforMECFS.

In addition to [Marina] Weisband, there have already been many supporters of the petition on social media for weeks, including well-known faces such as actors Jan Josef Liefers and Jasna Fritzi Bauer or musicians Judith Holofernes and Smudo.

„Mein Körper ist im Wesentlichen eine kaputte Lebenserhaltungsmaschine“, Annie Dietzke, Der Tagesspiegel, Nov. 3rd, 2021 (Link)

Furthermore, #SIGNforMECFS again received attention in regional media outlets as well. „Radio Eins“ from Coburg reported about the ME/CFS patient Lisa and about our petition. The feature is available in the station’s media library. Many thanks to Lisa for exposing herself to the stresses of an interview despite ME/CFS, and to the station for reporting!

[The petition to the German Bundestag] aims to improve the situation of those affected [by ME/CFS] in Germany. […] It is about this disease finally being recognised, that there is finally research […] and generally that there is care!

ME/CFS patient Lisa in an interview with „Radio Eins“, Nov. 3rd, 2021.

The news portal „“ also focuses on ME/CFS and our petition in an article today.

More recognition and research are two central demands of an online petition addressed to the German Bundestag and aiming for 50,000 signatures by Tuesday (9 November 2021). However, about 23,000 votes are still needed […].

„Muss immer auf Mama Rücksicht nehmen: Mutter (39) braucht nach Herpes-Infektion Rollstuhl“,, Nov. 3rd, 2021 (Link)

The „Nordkurier“ from Neubrandenburg also writes about the difficult everyday life of two 14- and 15-year-old schoolchildren from Zinnowitz (Usedom), who both suffer from ME/CFS. At the end of the article, #SIGNforMECFS is mentioned.

Birgit Nsaka draws attention to a petition that is very close to her heart. Affected people have now sent a petition to the German Bundestag. […] The organisers hope to get 50,000 signatures by 9 November.

„Trotz Krankheit im Klassenzimmer – Avatare vertreten Schüler“, Kai Ottenbreit, Nordkurier, Nov. 3rd, 2021 (Link)

Finally, #SIGNforMECFS is also attracting international attention. The US based patient organisation „The MEAction Network“, known in particular as the originator of the worldwide #MillionsMissing campaigns, already reported yesterday in an article about our petition to the German Bundestag and calls for support for #SIGNforMECFS.

A team of ME/CFS advocates have launched a petition to raise awareness about the dire situation in Germany. Help Germany get to 50,000 signatures by Tuesday, Nov. 9th and they will be granted a public hearing in the German Bundestag to finally draw attention to the issue of ME/CFS .

The MEAction Network, Nov. 2nd, 2021 (Link)

November 2nd, 2021

Late yesterday evening #SIGNforMECFS reached a round and very important mark: 25,000 online signatures via the petition portal of the German Bundestag. We would like to thank all those who signed and/or supported us in other ways!

This means we have already reached more than 50% of the quorum through digital signatures alone. Don’t forget: In parallel, #SIGNforMECFS is also collecting signatures on paper, which will only be added to the online signatures mentioned above after the signing period has expired. So there is still a realistic chance that we can overcome the hurdle of 50,000 signatures in the end. Moreover, every additional signature, regardless of the quorum, makes the signal sent out by #SIGNforMECFS even clearer and louder: many people and institutions want the unacceptable situation for ME/CFS sufferers to finally end! In this respect, the last week of the signing period, which starts tomorrow, remains the same: every single vote counts!

This is one of the reasons why we are very pleased that in the last few days a number of politicians have again publicly called for support for our petition to the German Bundestag. Many thanks for that! Among them are Sigrid Beer, Member of Parliament (Greens, North Rhine-Westphalia), Mehrdad Mostofizadeh, Member of Parliament and Chief Parliamentary Manager (Greens, North Rhine-Westphalia), Hanna Naber, Member of Parliament and Secretary General of the SPD in Lower Saxony, and Karoline Preisler (FDP, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania).

Tweet by Karoline Preisler, Oct. 29th, 2021 (link)

November 1st, 2021

Actress Jasna Fritzi Bauer (known for her current role as one of the investigators in „Tatort“ from Bremen) posted a very personal video on Instagram today in which she calls on people to sign up for #SIGNforMECFS. We are very happy about this support, thank you very much!

Post by Jasna Fritzi Bauer on Instagram, Nov. 1st, 2021 (link)

In addition, both the German Hockey Federation and the World ME Alliance are reporting on #SIGNforMECFS on their websites today and are calling for people to sign our petition. Thank you very much!

October 29th, 2021

The daily newspaper „Freie Presse“ reports in its printed edition and online (paywall) about the fate of a 17-year-old ME/CFS sufferer and also about our petition to the German Bundestag. We are very happy about the reporting and thank everyone who is so committed to the success of our petition!

14 days ago, on the internet platform Patrizia’s parents and her uncle Sven Hörning became aware of a petition, which is addressed to the Petitions Committee of the Bundestag. […] Since then they have been collecting signatures. „I have written to 200 contacts and put out lists in the pharmacy in the Blue House,“ explains Sven Hörning. His sister Yvonne shows completed lists.

„Freie Presse“, Oct. 29th, 2021

In addition, #SIGNforMECFS today reached the mark of 20,000 online signatures via the petition portal of the German Bundestag after around 17 days of the signing period. Many thanks!

October 28th, 2021

The Mönchengladbach „Lokalbotereports today about ME/CFS and about our petition project.The article also mentions an upcoming signature collection next weekend in support of #SIGNforMECFS, organised by the political party DIE LINKE. We are very happy about this, thank you very much!

Furthermore, Lisa Kapteinat (SPD), member of the North Rhine-Westphalian state parliament, commented on #SIGNforMECFS on Facebook today and called for the signing of our petition to the German Bundestag. Thank you very much for this as well!

And in addition, the online magazine MELODIVA also reported on our petition today.

October 26th, 2021

Today is a significant day: We have reached the HALF-TIME of the signing period for our petition. So from today, there are 14 days left, up to and including Tuesday, 9 November 2021, to support our petition and thereby give a voice to the approximately 250,000 ME/CFS sufferers in Germany.

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those who have so far given us their signatures, advertised our project, collected votes or supported us in any other way and continue to do so!

We are really equally touched and thrilled by how patients, their relatives and friends, doctors, politicians, celebrities and others support #SIGNforMECFS. That is awesome! At this point, it is worth mentioning that most recently German actor Armin Rohde also called for the signing of our petition. He wrote on Twitter: „Didn’t know this disease myself yet, but must be horrible.“

The good news at the halfway point is that if our campaign continues as it has so far, we really do have a realistic chance of reaching the quorum of 50,000 signatures. The decisive factor will be the number of signatures sent in by letter/fax, which we have not yet been able to estimate. But it is also clear: we must not let up in the second half!

October 25th, 2021

Robert-Martin Montag, Member of the Landtag, Secretary General of the FDP Thuringia and health politician, today expressed support for #SIGNforMECFS in a video message together with all the Members of the FDP in the Thuringian Landtag: „ME/CFS, an incurable disease, 250,000 people are affected in Germany, 40,000 of them children alone. That’s why we need more research, we need better care.“ Thank you very much for this strong sign, which gives us additional hope for urgently needed change!

Tweet by Robert-Martin Montag, MdL, with video message, Oct. 25th, 2021 (link)

In the late evening of today, #SIGNforMECFS also reached the mark of 15,000 online signatures via the petition portal of German Bundestag after about 13 days of the signing period. Thank you very much!

October 22nd, 2021

After a little less than ten days, #SIGNforMECFS passed the 10,000 online signatures mark this morning. We are very grateful for the support. Thank you very much! The best news is: With the current development, achieving the quorum of 50,000 signatures would be a real possibilty, as a mathematician has immediately calculated and illustrated (Twitter). For this, it is crucial that our petition continues to receive as much support as possible and, in particular, continues to be shared and disseminated on all channels.

We are particularly pleased that in recent days a number of prominent individuals have publicly supported our petition and called on people to sign it. These include Nadja Hermann, Judith Holofernes, Sebastian Krumbiegel, Katrin Langensiepen (MEP), Smudo, Andreas Wagner (MP), Marina Weisband and others. This support from society and politics is so valuable not only because it contributes to the success of our petition, but also because it sends us ME/CFS sufferers the kind of signals we have had to wait for in vain for so many decades: we are no longer invisible and no longer forgotten.

Tweet by Judith Holofernes on October 21st, 2021 (link).

October 18th, 2021

After only about six days, #SIGNforMECFS has exceeded the mark of 5,000 online signatures via the official petition portal of the German Bundestag. This is a great success, which we are very pleased about and which underscores how urgently politicians are required to finally address the major issue of ME/CFS with vigour. By way of comparison, the last public petition on ME/CFS had only managed to gain 670 supporters by the end of the signing period.

If one extrapolates the previous figures, we would reach the impressive number of 23,000 signatures by the end of the deadline on November 9th. On top there will be a considerable number of offline signatures as well, which we are collecting via our signature lists (more information on this and on how to help). But if we want to reach even the quorum of 50,000, we would have to increase the pace a little more. It can be done – we’ll keep at it!

October 16th, 2021

SIGNforMECFS has reached another milestone after about four days: More than 3000 online signatures via the official petition portal of German Bundestag!

October 13th, 2021

SIGNforMECFS has reached a first milestone after about one day: More than 1000 online signatures via the official petition portal of German Bundestag! And please note: The signatures we collect offline on paper are not included in this figure.

Furthermore, in support of #SIGNforMECFS Deutsche Gesellschaft für ME/CFS e.V. published a report about our petition project today.

October 12th, 2021

Our petition has been activated for signing on the official petition portal of the German Bundestag. The deadline for signing is November 9th 2021.

April 9th, 2021

We have submitted our petition to the Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag.